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June 2022

Shelter and NFI needs in Sudan continue to grow following the deterioration of political and economic situation since the military power takeover late last year. Competition for land and resources continues to be the key driver of displacement as environmental degradation and drought cause shifts in migration patterns, pushing many nomadic groups to transition from pastoralism to the semi-sedentary lifestyle, occupying lands of others in the process.

  • 14 partners
  • $83.7 M (7%) required (funded)
  • 0.5 M / 0.3 M / 82 407 people in need / targeted / reached(HH)

March 2022

According to 2022 Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO), there are a total of 2.7 million people in need of shelter and NFI assistance. This includes IDPs, refugees
and asylum seekers, vulnerable residents and returnees. However, due to continuous deteriorating economic situation and continued displacements, the
shelter and NFI needs continue to increase. The internal displacements and influx of refugees and asylum seekers continue. In the first three months of the year

  • 9 partners
  • $83.7 M (4%) required (funded)
  • 0.5 M / 0.3 M / 33 294 people in need / targeted / reached(HH)