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GSC Online Meeting 2020: Cambodia Country Presentation


Three key takeaways from the session:

  • The importance of having a similar coordination mechanism to the international cluster system  in case of scaling up the response in a big disaster. In the case of the Humanitarian Response Forum, it was designed to work with a sector based approach, having 6 different “clusters”: protection, wash, fsn, education, health and shetler.

  • Working with the government is a key aspect to responding properly. Therefore, the election of the right counterpart to work with is very important. Beside the cooperation with the national committee for disaster management (NCDM), every sector in Cambodia is working with a ministry. In the case of Shelter,  this is the Ministry of Interior but probably a cooperation with the Ministry of Land Management, Urban PLanning and Construction could be a better counterpart.

  • There is a need for mapping evacuation centers and other relevant shelter stakeholders in the country. There are many organizations working in disaster management and other sectors such as food security, wash and protection which respond with NFIs and some shelter material in case of emergency but they dont have shelter programs. There are few organizations with technical knowledge and they need to be integrated in the Shelter Sector (HRF)


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