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GSC Online Meeting 2020: Open Space Session on Process of reconstruction and long term impact of shelter programmes


The theme of the Global Shelter Cluster meeting 2020 is the wider impact of Shelter and Settlements. 

At the Shelter Meeting Ignite talk on Thursday 22 October, panellist , Karima Ben Bih Urban/DRR specialist from the World Bank, was commenting on the need to create links between shelter initiatives and development actors. This Open Space is an opportunity to discuss further these issues.

Focus: Is this about measuring long term impacts of shelter programmes or linking with the process of reconstruction? Or are they the same?

Funding: Many shelter funds are specifically for emergencies. If the intervention makes a contribution to developmental initiatives, how can the funding be justified? What are the links to development funding streams?

Communication: It is difficult to bridge the gap between humanitarian actors and development banks. Networks and attitudes rarely overlap, and there is little knowledge about how each operates.

One potential question to ask funding and implementing partners is about their current positions and mechanisms to relate emergency shelter and housing reconstruction. 

What steps would need to be taken to build relationships between shelter and housing reconstruction? 

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