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GSC Online Meeting 2020: Open Space Session Update and launch of report into Research Themes for the Global Shelter Cluster


Member agencies of the Global Shelter Cluster (GSC) Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) were asked to define the most urgent questions for evidence gathering and research into shelter and settlements programmes and practice. The SAG was asked to agree how to prioritise the research. The session opened up the conversation held at SAG level and presented the ways forward for these research priorities.

There are two clear research priorities:

·         Collect evidence for the wider impact of shelter and settlements programmes, especially health.

·         Understand how cash and markets programming influences shelter and settlements outcomes.

Further work is recommended on this project to advance GSC strategy on evidence:

  • Actively search for funding to support creation of a network of research partners.
  • Map out likely research capacity in academia, research organisations and agency involvement.
  • Craft advocacy messages to research funders to encourage funding calls in this area.
  • Involve a wider group of shelter stakeholders to explore the top themes at global, country and local level.
  • Support existing research collaborations and share knowledge of research strategies.
  • Develop tools to assist MEAL processes to measure outcome and impact of shelter programmes.
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