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GSC Online Meeting 2020: OS Life Cycle Analysis and Improving Shelter Outcomes



Key take-aways:

  • The Sphere Shelter Standard 7 focuses on the importance of limiting the environmental impact of shelter solutions, including methods which reduce the embodied and operational carbon of the materials selected. However, in order to adequately measure and compare different shelter options, humanitarian organisations need to be able to calculate environmental impacts of the material components. The BRE Trust is looking to support the adaptation of an LCA tool for use in the humanitarian sector which will help to quantify the environmental impact of shelter solutions allowing organisations to make informed decisions appropriate to the nature of individual situations.
  • We are looking to adapt an existing BRE tool called LIST, and move it towards being applicable and functional within a humanitarian setting:
  • BRE is looking for support from humanitarian practitioners to aid us in identifying the exact requirements of the tool, so that it can best be suited to the needs of shelter practitioners. We will need to conduct an in-depth review of what type of tool would be most useful in the sector, and the needs the tool should fulfil in order to be successful. To get involved, contact George Foden at


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