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Shelter Week 2022


Rte des Morillons 1, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex





The Shelter Week will take place in-person in Geneva from 04 to 08 July 2022. The Coordinator's Workshop (by invitation only) from 4 to 5 July at IFRC and the Annual Shelter Meeting from 6 to 7 July at the Geneva Ecumenical Center. The Shelter Centre Meeting will take place on 8 July also at the Ecumenical Center. 

You can still register for the below events:

  • 04 and 05 July 2022: Shelter Cluster coordinators can still register for the Shelter Coordination Workshop through their agency’s focal points. The Coordination Workshop will take place at IFRC's Headquarters, 17 Chemin des Crêts, 1209 Geneva, Switzerland. You can find the agenda to the Coordinator's Workshop HERE
  • 06 and 07 July 2022: the Global Shelter Cluster (GSC) Annual Meeting’s theme this year is “The future of humanitarian shelter & settlements”. The sessions being prepared will focus on reflecting on the role of the shelter and settlements interventions in a fast-changing humanitarian landscape. You can still register for the event through this link: Registration Form
    • As part of the event, two 45 min Open Space sessions have been programmed on Wednesday 06 July 2022 between 15h30 and 17h00. You can still express your interest for one of the sessions before tomorrow COB by submitting your ideas here: Registration Form
    • We have also foreseen a space for announcements by partners on the same day as well as the Roofus Awards aimed at celebrating an achievement or colleague. Please send an e-mail to if you’d like to share some news, training opportunity or publication or thank someone in particular. 
      The event will take place at the Ecumenical Center, 1 Route des Morillons, 1218 Le Grand Saconnex, Geneva. 
    • The meeting agenda can be found on the link

                                                                                                                                        LIVE STREAM

                  GSC-Agenda-2022     GSC-Agenda-2022 pg1     GSC-Agenda-2022 pg2     GSC-Agenda-2022 Last pg

  • 08 July 2022: the Shelter Week will be closed by the Shelter Meeting organized by Shelter Centre. The Shelter Meeting brings together humanitarian technical practitioners around a commonly agreed theme to promote inclusivity, prioritization, collaboration, consensus and capacity. You can still register and submit your suggestions for topics to be discussed through this link: Registration Form
    The event will take place at the Ecumenical Center, 1 Route des Morillons, 1218 Le Grand Saconnex, Geneva.


The summary reports of two events can be found on the following links:



Coordinators Workshop day 1

1 Intro and Agenda | Shelter Cluster
2 Opening Remarks and Expectations | Shelter Cluster
3 GSC 2018-2020 Strategy review findings | Shelter Cluster
4 From Managing data to Creating Data Culture
5 Findings of Research Priorities | Shelter Cluster
6 Plenary Discussion
7 Linking Global | Shelter Cluster
8 Mainstreaming Environmental Considerations | Shelter Cluster

Coordinators Workshop day 2

1 Research for Best Practice | Shelter Cluster
2 Clusters_ Advocacy | Shelter Cluster
3 Communication as a tool for advocacy | Shelter Cluster

Annual Meeting Day 1

1  Introduction and Agenda | Shelter Cluster
2 Opening Remarks | Shelter Cluster
3 Ignite Panel | Shelter Cluster
4 From Relief to Dignified Solutions | Shelter Cluster
5 Climate Change and the Environment in Shelter Response | Shelter Cluster
6 Open Sessions 1 | Shelter Cluster
7 Open Sessions 2 | Shelter Cluster
8 Partners Announcements | Shelter Cluster

Annual Meeting Day 2

1 Looking Back: Evaluation of the GSC 2018-22 Strategy | Shelter Cluster
2 Looking Back: Information Management Review | Shelter Cluster
3 Looking Back: GSC Research Baseline
4_Looking Back: Coordinators Workshop conclusions | Shelter Cluster
5_Looking Forward: Defining the future strategic direction of the GSC | Shelter Cluster


Open Space One

  1. Balancing Sphere standards with implementation constraints
  2. Local building practices as a vehicle for broader impact and greater localization
  3. Introduction to SOPs for Diaspora Engagement in Shelter Response & pathways for integration at the country level
  4. Accommodation support to conflict-affected populations in Ukraine crisis
  5. Discussion on approaches and guidance on dignified shelter
  6. Urban responses: Collaborative rental housing market assessments in Latin America and the Caribbean
  7. GSC Research Studies: Moving Forward

Open Space Two

  1. Environmental impact of Shelter/NFI in a protracted crisis
  2. GSC Research Studies: Choosing Cash
  3. Providing foundations for women to build their homes... build their lives
  4. Wholesome Shelter: Promoting holistic well-being by integrating Shelter with WASH and MHPSS - Video
  5. Homes and Communities Learning Alliance for Nepal
  6. De risking shelter construction works with the appropriate construction contract
  7. The Shelter Sector at the Inter-Agency Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela (R4V)
  8. Inclusive Cities, Communities of Solidarity
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