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2021-12 Factsheet - Ukraine

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Winterization 2021-2022.  The Cluster completed a detailed analysis of winterization needs and planned response in isolated settlements along the line of contact. In GCA (government-controlled areas), isolated settlements are the areas identified by the Cluster as a priority for the winterization response. In the 45 identified locations, 2,301 families were found in critical need of winterization support. Current partners’ programmes plan to cover only 2/3 of the critical needs. The settlements with the highest gaps are Staromariivka (111 families) and Vozdvyzhenka (117) in Donetsk oblast and Staryi Aidar (268) in Luhansk oblast.

Consistently with the Cluster’s recommendations for GCA - to limit humanitarian response to complementing state’s assistance - the exercise considered the current programmes of subsidies for communal services and the purchase of solid fuel and gas. In the 0-5 km strip along the contact line, 4,700 families receive the subsidies; 770 of them live in isolated settlements



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