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2024-03 Factsheet - Ukraine

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March 2024


• Attacks on Infrastructure: The southern region of Ukraine experienced significant attacks, resulting in extensive damage to infrastructure and critical shortages of electricity and water in various areas
• Continued Attacks in East: Throughout March, there was a notable increase in attacks in the eastern part of Ukraine.
Evacuations in North: In the northern region, specifically in Sumska oblast, evacuations commenced, particularly for children residing within a 5-kilometer zone.
• Field Visit: The East Hub conducted a monitoring mission in Donetska Oblast (Eng., Ukr.)
• Attacks in the West: The West Hub faced a high number of attacks throughout March. SNFI Cluster partners maintained close communication with local communities (hromadas) and were prepared to provide Emergency Shelter Kits (ESKs) and other materials as needed.


In the South Hub of the Shelter Cluster, there was active response to the escalating conflicts and attacks in Odesa and Mykolaiv. They provided Emergency Shelter Kits (ESK) support and planned interventions for repairs. Joint monitoring missions were carried out with the East Hub regarding solid fuel distribution in Khersonska Oblast. To enhance coordination, Khersonska Oblast was transferred from the East Hub to the South Hub. Meanwhile, in the West Hub, partners continued their winterization efforts, focusing on activities such as Winter Energy, Cash for Utilities, and Rental Support. Despite the lateness of these activities, they could potentially contribute to preparing for the next winter or addressing the remaining cold days of the current one. Some partners had to adjust their Rental Support programs due to increasing prices, which could affect reporting and results against targets. There were occasional instances of mistaken reporting of non-standard NFIs distribution to the SNFI
Cluster instead of the CCCM Cluster. Additionally, many organizations closed their NFI programs in the west, while others concentrated on distributing Winter Clothes or aiding new arrivals, often in collaboration with IDP-led organizations. In the East, the winterization campaign concluded with finalized lessons learned, including monitoring missions in Donetska Oblast, Shelter cluster coordination meetings for Donetska and Kharkivska Oblasts, and capacity mapping of partners to respond with ESK and NFI. Emergency response training was conducted in Kharkiv as part of these efforts. In the North, Sumska and Chernihivska oblasts, shelling incidents increased, leading to evacuations in Sumska oblast and support for IDPs. Local partners addressed the need for ESK support and conducted light and medium repairs regularly. In Cherkaska oblast, a meeting with authorities and the CCCM Cluster identified 5 prioritized Collective Sites (CSs) for further support. Additionally, the Shelter Cluster finalized and published its position paper from the Long-term Solution Technical Working Group titled "Position Paper on Adequate Housing."