Central African Republic


2021-12 Factsheet - Central African Republic

December 2021



  • Increase CCCM assistance on sites and especially on axes of circulation (host families) thanks to CCCM Mobile Improve coordination and systematic and regular data collection in collaboration with other clusters to analyse multisectoral gaps and needs.
  •  Develop the CCCM training plan for actors in the targeted prefectures and strengthen mechanisms for increased accountability through functional sectoral committees and Information and Feedback Centers (ITCs) to facilitate communication and feedback from assisted communities.
  • Strengthening emergency response mechanisms with essential household items (NFIs) and emergency and transitional shelters through assistance to affected populations in sites and in host families by diversifying strategies.


  • Funding gap
  • Insufficient of essential stocks in the country
  • Challenge to track the availability of NFI (Nb-location)
  • Logistical and security challenges
  • Lack of access
  • Restriction by Armed Force to operate onsite (i.e. mapping by drone)
  • Problem of harmonizing the composition of NFI kits and emergency
  • shelters of cluster partners
  • Issue about the quality of the NFI items