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Global Shelter Cluster Meeting: Cash Working Group Session


The meeting was held at 14:00 GVA time on the 15th of October. The focus was on what could be the future of the Shelter and Cash Working Group as a service to Shelter Cluster partners and country-level Shelter Clusters:


The key takeaways were the following: 

1). Rental guidance is out: attendees asked to specify for which audience multiple guidelines are the most appropriate especially as there was a small group of colleagues who worked on separate guidelines with Cashcap and NRC.

2) There needs to be some work done on indicators and measuring cash outcomes. A small group could address this to ensure that it becomes more systematic.

3). Due to lack of resources, most partners agreed that a CoP would be a more appropriate format to work on some of the outstanding issues of cash, markets and Shelter.

Presentation and Minutes of the meeting

Minutes of the meeting

Relevant links mentioned in the meeting

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