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GSC Online Meeting 2020: Burkina Baso Country Presentation


Burkina Baso Coordination Team presented their country profile:

Main takeaways and ways forward in Burkina Faso: 

  • Strengthen durable shelter response with strong technical support. Transition from current emergency shelter responses to more durable shelter solutions
  • Advocacy for securing land for the displaced population
  • Continuation on the identification of adequate areas for new sites and on the improvement of the site planning of them
  • Reinforcement of the emergency shelter contingency stock (response to floods and second displacements)
  • Reinforcement of the regional shelter cluster coordination.
  • Advocacy for additional shelter partners in country and/or additional capacity and funding for the present ones
  • Continuation with the sensitization of beneficiaries to ensure regular maintenance of shelters and sites, as well as on the strengthen shelters when necessary.
  • Reinforcement of the monitoring of the implementation of the shelter response by clearly considering the potential risks related to the location and the consequent relocation in the case of a risk situation.


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