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GSC Online Meeting 2020: Environment CoP Update


Two key takeaways from the session:

  • Numerous initiatives being undertaken by members of the CoP

    1. Vanuatu - revision of Environmental Checklist for Shelter Response, and development of Use, Re-use, Repair, and Disposal of Tarpaulins IEC material during the TC Harold Response. Preliminary results of evaluation shared with ECoP, final results to be shared on Shelter Cluster Vanuatu website once ready.

    2. Joint Initiative on Humanitarian Packaging Waste Management: Initiative coordinated by USAID in partnership with partners including IFRC, ICRC, UNHCR, WFP, IOM, WWF, ECOP, UNEP/OCHA JEU - see more info here. Scoping study can be found here. Please get in touch if ECOP members are working on packaging initiatives and would like to coordinate efforts: Mandy George, or Greg Rulifson:

    3. Shelter Cluster NFI WG had an interesting session on the role of energy and fuel in humanitarian response. The session and presentations are available here:

    4. BRE Trust and ECOP LCA tool development: BRE is looking to develop an LCA tool for shelter comparison and assessment. We have a session on 27th October 10am GVT to go over this in more detail, and are looking for feedback in the form of this survey. Please complete and share with interested colleagues. You can find more info here. If you would like to get involved please contact

  • Green sandal award - sandals are missing, but will be handed over to Amar once recovered! Thanks Amar for your substantial contribution to the ECoP this year.


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