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GSC Online Meeting 2020: NFI WG Update



Three key takeaways from the session:

  • Market monitoring is an essential part of planning and providing an evidence base for NFI response. Project proposals based on market monitoring results in more realistic project proposals for HRP, Somalia Humanitarian Fund and other programs, which saves time for implementation as partners do not have to revise upon starting the implementation of programs. COVID19 has caused some challenges in terms of doing in person verification with vendors, and additional reinforcement of capacities is needed. 
  • In stable environments, market assessments can provide insights on how to design a strong shelter program that enables quality control, support to the supply chain, a shift to conventional shelter typologies (bamboo for emergency and transitional shelter and then shift to more durable materials due to lack of ability to treat bamboo), and to do quality cash and technical support programming. 
  • Properly managed pipelines can help to support in the shelter response to overcome issues of quality and cost efficiency of items and support subnational cluster mechanisms in the operational coordination to reoccurring displacements. There is a need to contextualise kits even in protracted crises to better cater to the needs and feedback to beneficiaries and for more cost efficient response.


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