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GSC Online Meeting 2020: Open Space Session on Energy, Shelter and Settlements


Notes of this session are available here.

Three key takeaways from the session:

  • There are several initiatives which would complement the areas of work that the Shelter Cluster is doing in the field level: 
  1. UNEP/OCHA Joint Environment Unit: 
  2. Study of air quality in shelters impacted by cooking fuel primarily:
  3. SAFE Fuel and Energy- changed leadership recently but this group is still active and could be an area for future collaboration: Please contact: Dean Cooper <>
  4. London School of Economics will be partnering with UNEP/OCHA Joint Environment Unit on the linkages between Protection and Energy/Environment. For more information, please contact: Emilia Wahlstrom
  5. Energy is mentioned 71 times in Shelter Projects Case Studies, but there is probably more work to be done in doing case studies on energy. 
  • Recommendations from the participants in terms of what the Shelter Cluster’s relationship with energy should be: 
  1. Shelter Cluster should focus on cooking stoves and the use of solar energy. NRC is working on some projects in Bangladesh. GSC team offered to put NRC into contact with Venezuela Shelter Cluster Colleagues. 
  2. From the perspective of Shelter Cluster Coordinators, it would be good to have guidelines in place on definitions of ventilation and applications of energy in shelter responses similar to Global Guidance that was produced on tarpaulins.
  3. The definition of durability differs in many Shelter Cluster responses, so it would also be good to look into what that means in different responses according to different energy solutions: LPG, biodegesters, etc. Which solutions are more sustainable in different responses? 
  • There is a need also for more support on the issue of cooking plot area in camp settings particularly. This also links with HLP.  This could be an area of synergy in the joint LSE/UNEP Joint Environment work.



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