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GSC Online Meeting 2020: Promoting Safer Building WG Update


The GSC WG on Promoting Safer Building updated on the progress achieved. 

Three key takeaways from the session:

  • The Working Group has continued to carry out substantial activities over the last year, including: IOM IEC Project “The Shelter Compendium”; scientific contributions to InterActions’s Roadmap for Research publication; GCRF Translations project lead by CENDEP ( with different actions such as testing the Self-Recovery Protocol in Malawi, developing Self-recovery Guidance and analysing wider impacts of shelter (e.g. health, livelihoods, geoscience, protection) including hosting a multi-sectoral learning day on shelter and health and a geoscience workshop.
  • During the next phase, the Working Group will be producing guidance for context analysis, implementation and MEAL for shelter/housing projects supporting self-recovery. Sharing on these topics is accomplished particularly through open workshops, project support (remote or in the field) and action-research.  
  • The session aroused the interest of multiple participants who joined: several NGOs, international organisations, researchers from universities and independent consultants took part. Their contributions are invaluable  for the development of guidance to support self-recovery, but also to understand what is needed to operationalise self-recovery and how the WG can be useful. They were invited to join the Working Group activities: participating in upcoming WG workshops, providing feedback on the last workshop conclusions and proposing themes for further exploration. Participants contributed to a virtual ‘Jamboard’ (see below), inserting comments and suggestions which were then discussed in a short plenary session. 

The link to the session presentation is here

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