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GSC Online Meeting 2020: Thematic Session on Localisation


This session presents the outcome of surveys conducted end of 2019 and early 2020 among coordinators of UNHCR led clusters, to ascertain the successes and challenges on moving forward the localisation agenda.  

The presentation from the session is available here

The three main takeaways from this session are: 

  1. The GSC is to be commended for undertaking this piece of work, however, it should be viewed as a (very significant) step in a longer journey.

  2. The majority of respondents to the surveys were local actors – despite the fact that they are in a minority in terms of membership – this is indicative of the value they placed in engagement.

  3. The GSC and individual clusters should consider ways to ensure that local NGOs have greater influence over decisions made at the clusters, that they are included and benefit from HRPs and have greater access to humanitarian funds – acknowledging that context is key and there are significant bottlenecks to doing so in many contexts. Lessons may be learned from the Somalia Shelter Cluster in terms of it’s overall success in terms of moving forward the Localisation agenda.

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