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2022-12 Factsheet - Honduras

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Credits: Proyecto Aldea Global 2022- Santa Rita, Santa Barbara


During the last quarter of 2022, the cluster members supported municipalities affected by the floods in September and Tropical Storm Julia.  The response included support in data needs assessments, NFI distribution, roof repairs and rehabilitation of schools that had been used as emergency collective shelters.

                          Partner                  |                           Activities                 |                              Location Department                                 

Accion contra el Hambre (ACH)                                    NFIs                                                                 Cortes

CARE                                                                             NFIs                                                             Cortes, Yoro

Global Communities.                                    Temporary Shelter construction,                        Cortes, Copán, Ocotepeque

                                                                                   house repairs

Habitat para la Humanidad                     House construction and house repairs              Atlántida, Copán, Santa Bárbara, Yoro


Norwegian Refugee Council                        Temporary Shelter construction,                                         Cortes

(NRC)                                                             community resilience planning,

                                                                  BBB training, Cash and rental Support.

Proyecto Aldea Global (PAG)                       Housing construction, house repairs           Lempira, Ocotepeque, Santa Bárbara


The Humanitarian Needs Overview was submitted to the Country Resident Coordinator / Humanitarian Coordination on September 2022.  This document reflects remaining humanitarian needs of overlapping crises including hurricanes Eta & Iota, draughts, mixed movements, violence and food security.  The preparation of the Humanitarian Response Plan started in October and is focusing on four main shocks, namely:  Food security, Mixed movements, Climate change and Violence.


Country Environmental Profile with a focus on the shelter sector and humanitarian settlements 

Shelter Cluster Honduras continues to work on the Country Environmental Profile with a focus on the shelter sector and humanitarian settlements as part of a group of profiles created around the world funded by ECHO and USAID.  



Coverage against targets

Need analysis

The intense rains of September caused flooding, the death of at least six people and the evacuation of hundreds of people to collective shelters, as well as damage to crops and homes, mainly in the North of the country.

The passage of tropical storm Julia in the first week of October also caused the overflow of the Chamelecón and Ulúa rivers, flooding entire towns, damaging transportation infrastructure and causing the loss of crops. It also made it difficult for people affected by the rains in September to attend.

  1. Tropical Storm Julia -  

COPECO issues an alert extension nationwide due to heavy rainfall caused by Tropical Storm Julia that lasted from Oct the 9th until the 11th. According to the report, the affectations were reported in 8 departments (Choluteca, Comayagua, Cortes, Francisco Morazán, Gracias a Dios, Valle, Yoro) and with an estimate of: 

  • Families Affected - 32,613 
  • Families Evacuated - 1,044 
  • Homes Damaged – 397 
  • Homes Destroyed - 278


  • Shelter Cluster Honduras’ partners are still giving assistance to families affected by hurricanes Eta and Iota during 2020. 
  • Shelter Cluster partners reported distributing NFI’s among the population affected by recent floods. Other partners have been active as well, but they have not been reporting through the 345W platform established in 2020 to monitor the humanitarian response.  
  • HNO 2023 The process of document drafting, and data analysis was completed during this quarter. The country working group made the to continue with the development and presentation of an HRP for 2023

  •  HRP 2023 

    The relevant HRP (Humanitarian Plan) 2023 process began in November, working to identify proposals for related projects, activities, and sectoral narratives. 

    The first stage has culminated (actions developed until the end of 2022), where partners are proposing a total of 6 projects (by 6 organizations: NRC, GOAL, Habitat for Humanity Honduras, CRH, CRS, PAG) with a total required of USD 8,385,229.73, for the joint execution of the following 11 activities. 

  • Construction of Permanent Housing  
  • Housing Rehabilitation  

  • Home Repair  

  • Transitional Housing Construction  

  • Rehabilitation of community infrastructure  

  • Support Workshops for Needs Analysis  

  • Build Back Better Workshops  

  • AVC Workshop (vulnerability and capacity analysis)  

  • PASSA Workshop  

  • Housing, Land and Property Workshops (VTP)  

Gaps / challenges

  • Most of the government personnel trained in information assessments have been substituted (a common practice whenever a new president from a different political party is elected), which has led to gaps in information management. Data collection during the events occurred during this third quarter has been slow and, in many cases, inconsistent. 
  • Information regarding host families is scarce and sometimes not considered in reports from government agencies.   
  • Lack of knowledge about community risk factors that contribute to disaster generation. 
  • People living in informal settlements tend to be affected by disasters of geo-climatic origin the most. Better coordination with development actors is required to understand the causes of shelter vulnerability and prevent further risk.