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2021-06 Factsheet

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Shelter Cluster Iraq: Shelter Upgrade following a fire incident in Sharya IDPs Camp in Dohuk – June, 2021


  • Based on the MCNA VIII and ILA V assessments run in July – August 2020, nearly 2.6 million individuals remain in need of shelter and NFI support, seven per cent higher than in 2019. Among them, one million individuals are in acute need. Months of lockdowns and movement restrictions to curb the COVID 19 pandemic have prevented partners from implementing their plans, deepening the socio-economic vulnerability of the displaced population with heavy consequences on rent affordability and resulting in premature returns to damaged shelters.



Coverage against targets

Need analysis

As per the IOM-led DTM report, 1.2 million IDPs and 4.87 million Returnees have been identified across the country, from Jan 2014 to June 2021.

The number of IDPs continues to decrease (from 2.6 million as of Dec 2017 to 1.2 million as of Jun. 2021); while the numbers of returnees has increased (from 3.2 million, end of Dec.2017 to 4.87 million, end of Jun.2021).

  • 15% of those IDPs are in camps, while 76% are currently in private settings (in rented accommodation or with host families); 9% remain in critical shelter arrangements (unfinished/abandoned building; school/religious buildings and informal settlements).
  • 95% of the returnees are in their habitual residence, 1% in private settings while 4% live in critical shelter arrangement such as informal settlements, unfinished and abandoned buildings, schools, religious structures.


Out of the overall SNFI Cluster target of 373,377 individuals, 71,248 (39%) have been assisted with NFI kits22,395 (12%) have benefited from shelter interventions:

  • 8,153 people people living in camps and informal settlements have been reached with NFI kits257 people have been provided with emergency shelter interventions.
  • 54,412 people living out of camps have been reached with NFI kits; 14,853 people have been provided with emergency shelter interventions.
  • 8,524 returnees have been reached with NFI kits6,939 people were assisted with critical shelter upgrades, Sealing-off Kits or rental subsidies.

Gaps / challenges

  • Shelter Cluster Iraq has managed to secure pooled funding for close to USD 6 million for shelter and NFI projects. Five partners are targeting 9,000 vulnerable families with Critical Shelter Upgrades (CSU), Sealing Off Kits (SOK), rental subsidies and NFI distributions across six governorates.  
  • Shelter Cluster has reopened the Shelter Upgrades in camp file and started collaboration with the Government authorities in Dohuk.
  • Efforts to construct quarantine and isolation areas in IDP camps continue, with planned capacity of close to 200 shelters in 5 camps.
  • Partners are facing access issues and impediments to implementing activities for vulnerable families with suspected affiliation from security actors. Coordination with OCHA in country is ongoing to resolve those.
  • Funding limitation continues to greatly hamper partners’ response /implementation of identified activities.