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2023-01 Factsheet - Venezuela

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Cluster Alojamiento, Energía y Enseres, 2022


  • By the end of January, the Shelter, Energy and NFI Cluster reached 1458 direct beneficiaries through partner organizations and 365 indirect beneficiaries through interventions in institutions and community spaces providing essential services to population.    
  • As part of the HPC framework, the project proposal process for the bi-annual HRP 2022-2023 started. Partners submitted 36 proposals in the Shelter, Energy and NFI sector.  Proposals are under strategic and technical review by inter-cluster group for the 2023 plan.
  • The Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring was launched as an exercise to get feedback on the partner organizations and identify potential areas of improvement based on the cluster core functions. With the results from the survey, an action plan will be prepared and discussed with partners during March.
  • The Cluster launched the Task Force for the revision of the NFIs standardized catalog. The revision will be a participatory process that will include the carbon footprint measurement of each item. The group are expected to develop a new simplified document in April, which will include recommendations to reduce the environmental impact of the NFIs distribution.

Need analysis

  • As part of the strategical response in temporary shelters, the Cluster continued a series of field visits to collective shelters managed by a local partners and counterparts. In the new spaces visited, assistance need to be provided to women vulnerable to gender-based violence, persons who have been incarcerated, homeless people, as part of a rehabilitation and reinsertion process. During the visits, numerous multisectoral humanitarian needs were identified: basic NFIs (mattresses, sheets, beds) deteriorated, poor shelter conditions and overcrowding, limited access to water and hygiene, among others.


  • In January, 1,458 direct beneficiaries were reached by Shelter, Energy and NFI activities (41% female and 59% male).   Also, interventions in institutions and other spaces providing essential services to population reached indirectly 365 people of concern.  
  • 1458 persons of concern occupied temporary collective centers managed by cluster partners in Táchira, Zulia, Falcón and Apure.
  • Also, a school was built and inaugurated in Miranda state to benefit, as part of a community intervention in El Ingenio to benefit 235 people in need.  Construction included classrooms, sanitary and recreation spaces.

Gaps / challenges

  • Meetings have been held and initiated with relevant authorities (COPREDIG) for the engagement with intervention and support in collective temporary shelter to relocate population affected by recurrent disasters.