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2021-12 Factsheet - Yemen

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1. Shelter Solutions Exhibition in Sana’a Governorate. © UNHCR


  • This year, nearly half million Yemenis were displaced and 337,000 people were affected by flooding.

  • Shelter Cluster agreed to proceed with an HNO analysis of existing data sources due to delay in MCLA.

  • 1.8 million IDPs, returnees, and host community members were reached by the Shelter Cluster programmes in 2021 through 44 humanitarian organizations.

  • Shelter Solutions Exhibitions were launched in Sana'a and Marib and the third exhibition is under preparation in Aden.

  • An estimation of $87 million received by Shelter Cluster Partners which is equivalent to 42% of the total ask of 2021 YHRP.



Coverage against targets

Need analysis

  • According to the Rapid Response Mechanism cumulative report Jan – Dec 2021, nearly half a million Yemenis were displaced in 2021, and 50 percent were displaced in the last quarter. The recent intensification of the conflict forced hundreds of families out of their homes, particularly in Marib, Shabwah, and Al Hudaydah governorates. At least 60,198 people were displaced since September 2021 in Marib governorate according to the IOM's DTM - many for the fourth or fifth time – to displacement sites in Ma'rib City and Ma'rib Al-Wadi districts.

  • The country's situation, primarily driven by conflict and an economic collapse, has been exacerbated by COVID-19, heavy rains and flooding, and escalating hostilities. In 2021, more than 337,000 people were affected by flooding countrywide according to the Shelter Cluster tracking system.

  • As the Multi-Cluster Locations Assessment (MCLA) is experiencing a delay, it impacts the finalization of the HNO and HRP. Shelter Cluster agreed to proceed with an analysis of existing data sources, pending a final decision from the humanitarian leadership on the way forward.


  • In response to these critical needs, the Shelter Cluster, through 44 humanitarian organizations, continued to deliver aid to 1.8 million IDPs, returnees, and host community members, of which 646,000 were assisted in the fourth quarter of 2021.

  • Pending final year-end figures, UNHCR distributed more than $ 76.5 M in cash assistance in 2021, reaching nearly 1.4 million individuals and positioning the agency as the main cash actor assisting IDPs in Yemen. The main modality of cash support was multi-purpose cash assistance, followed by rental subsidies.

  • The Shelter Cluster launched two Shelter Solutions Exhibitions in Sana'a and Marib and preparing the third exhibition in Aden. These exhibitions are presenting an opportunity for partners, communities, affected people, local authorities, and other stakeholders to appreciate displaced families' basic shelter and critical household items needs. TWiGs were established to review, learn and develop appropriate material.

  • YHF Round 2 funding allocation was finalised. Strategic Review Committees (SRCs) assessed 56 project proposals, 38 projects ($45.4 m) were recommended and 18 rejected. Shelter Cluster received approximately $6.7 m.

  • Marib response plan was developed and Shelter / NFI received $3 m in funding.

  • The National Coordination Team went on a mission to critical locations in Aden, Taizz, Al Dhale'e, Marib,  Abyan, Lahj, and the west coast to assess the needs of the IDP population, address challenges faced by partners, and develop recommendations for further follow-up and advocacy.

  • Despite what was referenced in the OCHA YHRP November update regarding the cluster funding status based on the FTS ($35m/17%), Shelter Cluster carried out a fund mapping exercise and the result reflects a more positive situation, with $87 million received equivalent to 42% of the total 2021 YHRP.

Gaps / challenges

  • Funding shortfall hindered scaling up programmes for more sustainable shelter solutions.