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MIyamoto Technical Training for ESNFI Earthquake response

Miyamoto International Technical Support to ESNFI Cluster partners in Southeast Afghanistan

ES/NFI Cluster has managed to secure funding from AHF through IOM for Miyamoto International to provide technical support to the ESNFI Cluster partners responding to Khost EQ. Miyamoto technical support hubs have been established in Kabul, Spera, Gayan and Barmal within the UN Hubs to provide training & technical advice on repairing and rebuilding vernacular structures. Focus will remain to support ESNFI Cluster partners responding to EQ affected Southeast Region of Afghanistan. 


Miyamoto’s support centers around three components that are advanced in parallel: 

  • Technical analysis, refinement and provision of technical advice to cluster partners on how to building back safer the local vernacular housing structures before the winter coming. 
  • Training of Engineers and Technical staff within cluster partner agencies on the rapid assessment of earthquake-damaged vernacular structures; points of failure and repairability. This component supports the structural assessment of damaged vernacular buildings for partners to recommend in line to Miyamoto’s recommendations
  • Training of trainers for Skilled Laborers on actual physical repairs and reconstruction in vernacular stone, earth and timber systems. 

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