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Asia Shelter Forum 2022 Report

Asia Shelter Forum 2022 Report
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The Asia Shelter Forum (ASF) is an informal forum for exchange of ideas and lessons learned for humanitarian shelter and settlement practitioners in Asia and the Pacific. The Forum was established with the objective of coordination, collaboration, learning and sharing of experiences in shelter and settlements sector. The ASF aims to inform and provide updates on various on-going initiatives in shelter interventions in areas of disaster response, recovery, and preparedness. The ASF aims to address particularly identified needs based on successes and lessons learned during implementation in the field.

In the previous Asia Shelter Forums held in Thailand, Indonesia and Nepal, the workshops drew attention of government, international practitioners and donor agencies on the lessons and experience of recent disasters as well as the wider experience of shelter response in the region. The workshops were able to explore the best practices in achieving safe, adequate, and dignified implementation of shelter programs that supports community engagement, community driven shelter initiatives and for bringing global participants in an Asia Shelter Forum in November 2022.

The fifth Asia Shelter Forum was hosted by Bangladesh and with support from the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) of Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MoDMR) and other ministries of the Bangladesh Government. Caritas Bangladesh (CB) with technical support from CRS organized the event for the first time in Bangladesh. Under the Chairmanship of the Director General of DDM, a National Organizing Committee (NOC) comprising representatives from various Ministries and Departments of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Caritas Bangladesh, and CRS coordinated with higher level officials and executives of the Government of Bangladesh, delegates of international countries, authorities of multilateral, and bi-lateral donors, and the representatives of different I/NGOs within and outside the country.