Environment Community of Practice


Global Shelter Cluster hosts session at the Humanitarian Networks and Partnership Week: Towards a Greener and Climate Smart Humanitarian Response

Summary of the event

The Global Shelter Cluster hosted an event during this year's virtual Humanitarian and Networks and Partnerships week (HNPW). 


  • Facilitators: Ela Serdaroglu (GSC/IFRC), Brett Moore (GSC/UNHCR)
  • Moderator: Karolina Kalinowska (ECHO)
  • Panelists: Brice Degla (Shelter Cluster Burkina Faso), Aimee Jenks (GPA, UNITAR), Mandy George (Environmental Advisor, GSC), Bruno Vandemeulebroecke (Global Logistics Cluster)
  • Organizers: Charles Kelly, (GSC Environment Community of Practice), Miguel Urquia (GSC/UNHCR)
  • Atendees: around 110 participants

Key messages: 

  • The GSC is implementing a project on greening the response funded by ECHO.
  • The project can be catalytic and contribute to broader greening of the response if other sectors and partners engage


Video of the Event