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2020-05 Factsheet

May 2020
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IYD - Seasonal flooding, Aldiaa Camp (Bab Al Hawa/Idleb), 01/2020





Coverage against targets

Need analysis

  • According to the latest 2019 People in Need (PiN) calculations there are an estimated 5.65 million PiN of shelter and 3.42 million PiN of NFI response. Given recent displacements and the impact of COVID-19, the NFI and Shelter PiN is expected to increase.
  • To curb the COVID-19 outbreak in Syria, there is a critical need to reduce overcrowding and improve hygiene especially in camps, informal settlements and collective shelters.


  • HRP: A total of 96 projects were submitted for over USD 680 million in 3 hubs; 79 projects were approved worth USD 570 million targeting emergency shelter needs, basic humanitarian and seasonal assistance and support for more durable shelter solutions.
  • Winterization: By end of March 2020, NFI partners had provided support to over 2.5 million vulnerable people in need of basic items including blankets, warm clothes and heating solutions.
  • COVID-19: Together with WASH and Health partners have been focusing on interventions to reduce overcrowding, provide hygiene kits, and continue support while taking into account mitigating measures.

Gaps / challenges

  • The depreciation of the Syrian Pound and the availability and price of fuel have increased the operational costs of some partners which had to negatively adjust their winter targets in the first quarter of 2020.
  • With the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, agencies operating in Syria had to reduce or, in some cases, suspend certain humanitarian responses to lower the risk.