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NFI Working Group Asia Pacific Best Practices Workshop

NFI Working Group Asia Pacific Best Practices Workshop
Reneé Wynveen
Shelter Cluster
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The NFI Working Group Asia-Pacific Best Practices Workshop held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 15th-16th of May arrived to several major outputs: 

  • Maintain and scale up dedicated capacity to continue collecting, reviewing and disseminating NFI resources
  • Invest more in dissemination of existing guidance and good practices rather than producing new guidelines
  • Explore effective ways to disseminate good practices, through workshops, practical trainings, webinars and e-learning
  • Support and promote development of context specific NFI guidance at country cluster level
  • Harmonisation and tools, formats, guidance etc. as well as  advocate towards partner agencies and donors for better understanding of technical assistance
  • Focus on developing and promoting socio-technical assistance (STA) capacities, guidelines, and best practices
  • Identify Cluster partners to champion such issues as NFI score cards, post distribution monitoring, and socio-technical assistance

The detailed report provides more insights into the discussions held throughout the workshop.