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January 2021 First NFI WG of the Year: Energy and Environment Linkages and Environmental Sustainability

Summary of the meeting

The Global Shelter Cluster NFI Working Group held its first meeting on the 19th of January 2021. The meeting brought together 39 practitioners from agencies and country-level Shelter Clusters. The chair introduced the topic of the meeting and mentioned that her co-chair from IFRC is currently on a contract break, and that Pablo Medina had graciously volunteered to cover for her during the absence. The chair recapped the purpose of Global Shelter Cluster working groups as task-oriented and time-bound working on items that benefit the practitioners that are implementing at country-level. The NFI Working Group had largely focused its work on the development of a training curriculum, and the request was made for country-level clusters to make more contextual guidance. Therefore, meetings were largely organized around topics from the proposed training curriculum with country-clusters and practitioners presenting their lessons learned on the topic. Today’s speakers were a result of discussions that arose during the Global Shelter Cluster meeting and during meetings held in 2020. The relevant actions point decided in this meeting include the following:

Action Point

By Whom

By When

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NFI WG Chairs

January 29

Partners to reply to Survey on Priorities for WG plan


February 10

Partners wanting support on energy issues or to share practices to reach out to Aimme Jenks from GPA/UNITAR



Review the energy indicators shared by IOM by putting your name and organization in a comment section or reaching out to Project Lead Adam Ostaszewski


As soon as you are able

UNHCR and FCDO to exchange about details on testing on fire retardant plastic sheeting.



UNHCR to share with NFI WG ToR for PM for Innovation Norway Project to be circulated to NFI WG members


NFI WG will then publish it on website and circulate to relevant networks

Partners and Country-level Shelter Cluster teams to consider sharing NFI specifications with GSC Environmental Community of Practice

Partners and Shelter Cluster teams

Ongoing basis

Global Shelter Cluster paper on Energy linkages with Shelter and Settlement Programming: Partners to contact NFI WG Chairs about participating in the finalisation of this paper

Partners and NFI WG chairs


For the notes of the meeting, please consult the meeting minutes