Coordination Community of Practice


Coordination CoP Community Guidelines


  • Share your knowledge.  Many members are part of this community to elarn and improve their own skills in information management practice and understanding.  A community is only as good as its members and if you think you might be able to help. other members then we'd love you to post it.
  • Be nice and respect other people's opinions.  
  • Search for your question before starting a new topic.  At the moment this community is very new and it is unlikely that there is much documentation on the platform - however there are many good examples on the website already.  Please use the search function before raising a topic to the community.
  • Inform the moderators if you see any content that is inappropriate or off topic.  Sometimes things slip through the cracks and its important that we all take ownership for the cleanliness of the material we are sharing.


  • Post personal information.  It's not just you that can see your posted information - this is visible to the entire internet.  
  • Openly criticize the work being done with good intentions.  Humanitarian operations can be complex and many political, social, and economic considerations and there may be good reasons for work being done the way it is.  If you have specific feedback that may be better dealt with offline, please consider that.
  • Use bad language or other insulting/offensive behaviour.  Everyone is here to either ask questions or help answer them - so please do not personally attack others.
  • Change the thread topic.  If you would like to take a discussion into new, unrelated territory please initiate a new thread topic.
  • Advertise, post repetative messages or links.  This includes unendorsed products or outside party polls, petitions, junk mail, spam. or any other form of unauthorized solicitation.