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North West South West - Data Collection


NWSW Cameroon Shelter Cluster Standaridzed Post Distribution Monitoring Form

This is the Northwest and Southwest Shelter Cluster's Standardized Post Distribution Monitoring Form. In order to incorporate this into your programming, you may contact the Shelter Cluster Coordinator to receive the XLS form. 

NEAT+ Activity Modules

The NEAT+ tool has been adapted to fit the location of the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameron. The activity modules highlight areas where an environmental mainstreaming approach could be adopted to lessen the impact of the activities planned on the environment. 

NEAT+ Sensitivity Monitoring

This tool has been adapted to fit the context of locations from the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Cameroon.

The NEAT+ is designed as a rapid and simple project-level environmental screening tool for humanitarian actors. The tool assesses the sensitivity of the crisis-affected environment, highlighting and categorising risks to the environment and affected communities. The tool also identifies potential activity related environmental risks posed by humanitarian relief and recovery projects.

Rental Market Monitoring Form Supply Side: Landlord Key Informant Survey

This Rental Market Monitoring form has been designed by NRC and made available to the Shelter Cluster so that all partners are able to use it in the rental market activities.

Rental Market Monitoring Form: Demand Side

This is a rental market monitoring form that was created by NRC in the support of their rental programs between 2022-23. The form has been adapted so that other Shelter Cluster partners could make use of the form.

Shelter Kit Checklist

The Shelter Kit Checklist is a tool that supports Shelter Cluster partners in providing technical assistance while distributing emergency shelter kits through various modalities. The tool should be used in company with the Shelter Kit Guidelines:

2022 Northwest and Southwest Shelter Cluster Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring

This is a tool ot help get quantitative feedback on the Shelter Cluster's performance in 2022. Please take the time to give your reflections and also any recommendations or feedback you may have for how the Shelter Cluster can improve on its performance in 2023. Remember that the Shelter Cluster is not only about the team members but about the body's collective efforts. 

Northwest Southwest Cameroon 5W

The Shelter Cluster tool has been updated to include Littoral and West regions and also villages of implementation. 

NWSW Cameroon Shelter Cluster Market Monitoring Form

This is a shelter clutser form that supports Shelter Cluster partners in doing market monitoring of commodities required for the Shelter Cluster response. 

Northwest and Southwest Cameroon Shelter Cluster Standardized Household Tool

This is a standardized household assessment tool that was produced by the Shelter Cluster at Subnational level in the Northwets and Southwest regions Cameroon.