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2021-07 Factsheet

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  • The last three months saw the continued trend of more returns and a higher percentage of remaining IDPs renting in the formal market.  The number of IDPs have dropped from 278,177 at the beginning of Q1 to 223,949 mid-way through Q2, while those in rented accommodation rose from 70% to 78%.
  • Economic hardship and returns have continued to drive the need for NFIs, while in-kind distributions continues to be preferred over cash due to logistical reasons and poor liquidity in the Libya.


  • In total, the Cluster supported 69,316 beneficiaries across all groups with Shelter and NFI support which is 62% of our overall target of 110,948.  The vast majority of these were IDPs, non-displaced and returnees.
  • Only 183 people benefited from shelter support, however this number will increase once the planning and design of projects is finished, and construction starts.


  • Forced evictions have continued in 2021 with a myriad of stakeholders creating uncertainty and confusion for those facing evictions and frustrations for the humanitarian agencies looking to respond.  These forced evictions pose significant security concerns for all involved.
  • The sector continues to try to identify a key counterpart in the Government to engage with on issues such as compensation, rehabilitation funds, forced evictions and to develop a consolidated overview of the housing damage remaining.  The sector also continues to struggle to engage with the local civil society.