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Eviction Task Force


While there is no systematic data on evictions trends in Libya, information obtained by Protection and SNFI sector indicates eviction to become a growing concern, as individual coping capacities, including means to cover rent become overstretched and landowners show growing interest in reclaiming their properties and proceed with their redevelopment, especially with a potential progress on the stabilization and peace process continues 

Recognizing that addressing HLP rights is key to security  of tenure preventing forced eviction and ensuring access to durable solutions, requires a long term engagement with the leadership of the government and local authorities and the support of humanitarian- and development actors;  the Protection and Shelter/NFI sectors in Libya see the need to prioritise establishing a systematic approach to eviction prevention and mitigation considering the intersectionality of vulnerabilities interlinked with demographic and geographical factors across Libya.  

TOR 1 for the ETF was for the production of three key deliverables:


  1. Eviction Tracker and user SOPs

  1. HCT Position paper on eviction prevention and response 

  2. Forced Eviction Response Guidlines


As these three key deliverables are substantially completed, a TOR 2 is being developed to expand the work of the ETF into a more operational space.  


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