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2024-02 Factsheet - North West South West

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February 2024
@Distribution done by the Regional Delegate Social Affairs


The shelter cluster responded to about 4000 internally displaced persons in Widikum and Mamfe in Southwest and Northwest regions respectively after the NSAG’s attack in the Upper Bayang. The response typically was on participation in the joint inter-cluster rapid assessment and secondly, IOM through the local NGO SHUMAS prepositioned 214 emergency shelter kits to vulnerable IDPs in Widikum. However, due to lock down declared by NSAG in Feb, the distribution is yet to be done. Moreso, NRC through AMEF (Authentic Memorial Empowerment Foundation) a local NGO distributed shelter/NFI kits to 682 vulnerable households in Southwest regions. 




Coverage against targets

Need analysis

In February 2024, the Armed conflicts continued to cause the displacement of close to 3000 individuals from their homes into bushes or uncompleted buildings or neighboring communities across the Northwest and Southwest regions. The different events cited below present the different shelter needs of the people who have been displaced. According to the IOM emergen120 tracking tool, an estimated 600 individuals in 50 households were forced to flee their villages in the Southwest Kumbo Sub-division moving to the nearby bushes Kikaikom, and Romajai.

In early February 2024, an upsurge in violence in Upper Bayang (South-West region), coupled with threats from non-State armed groups (NSAGs), forced inhabitants of 15 villages in Upper Bayang (SW) and Widikum (NW) subdivisions to flee their villages. The Multisectoral Needs assessment made through joint inter-clusters indicated that about 4,000 people from 15 communities (11 in the Southwest and 4 in the Northwest reported being displaced due to violence and extortion threats in their home villages. Priority needs in Mamfe and Widikum expressed by affected communities include shelter/NFIs on the second top.


  • NRC through AMEF (Authentic Memorial Empowerment Foundation) a local NGO distributed shelter/NFI kits to 682 vulnerable households in Southwest regions.
  • SHUMAS  provided rental assistance to 32 individuals in 32 household

Gaps / challenges

   1. Physical access constraints due to poor road networks have delayed the implementation of some shelter activities in the Northwest and Southwest regions.

2. February experience lengthy lockdowns. Apart from the usual Monday ghost lockdown, the NSAG declared the 5th to 12th February 2024 lockdown as well, and this

impacted the operation. 

3. In February 2024, many partners had not received funds from their donors and hence could not rapidly respond to incidents.