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Protocol - Informing Choice For Better Shelter

Welcome to the Protocol Issued February 2019.

Informing Choice for Better Shelter: A Protocol for Developing Shelter and Settlement Information Education Communication (IEC) Resources.

This page should develop as tools and resources related to the protocol's implementation develop. However, for IEC developed using the protocol please refer to the specific country level shelter cluster pages for that response. Note that steps are formed of several sub-steps and not all sub-steps will need to be undertaken in reference to your context.

The entire toolbox can be downloaded here.

Step     Step Title Step Guidance Tools/Resource Links


Protocol Overview and Guidance


Step 0










Forming the Technical Working Group


Step 1










Understanding the Context




Step 2










Defining IEC Preliminary Objectives…


Step 3



Identifying Stakeholders and Audiences









Step 4



Communication Channel Analysis











Step 5



Developing Detailed IEC for Audiences/Stakeholder and Communication Channel










Step 6










Developing the Roll-Out Strategy and Confirming IEC Objectives



Step 7



Developing the Monitoring, Revision and Evaluation Framework







7.2 Shelter KAP Evaluation-Questionnaire_V7


Timeline Example of Implementation of Protocol


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