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Shelter and NFI Materials Support to IDP Sites

In Central Rakhine State, an estimated 53,000 people are displaced across 123 internal displacement sites as identified by Shelter and CCCM Cluster partners. 47% of the displaced are living in makeshift shelters with 45% living in collective shelters. 7% of the population are settled sporadically throughout the host community, and 1% are sheltered in religious buildings. Following limitations on movement due to the COVID19 pandemic, Cluster partners have been able to resume much needed Shelter and NFI assistance to these communities. 

In two weeks in August 2021, UNHCR as Cluster Lead Agency has reached 19,305 people with: (in addition to 45,779 people already reached as of July by the agency) : 

  • 31,723 bamboos
  • 1,547 wooden pillars
  • 532 tarps
  • 18,398 sleeping mats
  • 10,937 mosquito nets
  • 5,404 jerry cans
  • 4,404 buckets
  • 824 solar lanterns
  • 2,702 kitchen sets
  • 2,795 local core relief items kits

According to information from Site Profiling, Shelter, NFI, remain second to food as among the first priority needs of the internally displaced. The most urgent needs continue to be sanitary items for women and quality fuel stoves. 

The IDPs are still unstable in their movements with many waiting for news of when they can return to their place of origin.

The photo gallery represents the assistance provided and the current shelter conditions of IDPs in Central Rakhine.