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2018 Nigeria Floods


Since late August, heavy rains across Nigeria have caused large-scale flooding that has already impacted 441,251 people. However, numbers are expected to rise further as assessments are still ongoing in some states, including Rivers and Bayelsa which are believed to be amongst the worst hit.

In total, 12 States and 50 Local Government Areas (LGAs) have been identified as frontline states likely to be affected by the flooding.

As water levels have continued to rise in Rivers and Bayelsa states, some communities have been submerged in water. To avert loss of life and injury, NEMA in collaboration with the military have started immediate evacuation of families that are still trapped in their homes. The affected families are being relocated to nearby camps and there is an urgent need for assistance in terms of food and non-Food Items.

Water levels in the lower Benue state remains high. However, NIHSA estimates that water levels has receded to 10.026 meters after having reached 11 meters on 21 September, just below the 12 meter sealing.

As of 24 September, the water level on River Niger at Lokoja is 11.05 meters with a discharge of 25,576M3/s. This is slightly lower than the water level recorded during the same period last year.

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Coordination Team
Michael Gloeckle
Shelter Cluster Coordinator
Australian Red Cross/IFRC