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Iraq Shelter and NFI Cluster Online Dashboard

Iraq War Damaged Shelter Rehabilitation

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Nearly 2.6 million individuals remain in need of shelter and NFI support, 7 per cent higher than in 2020. Among them, 1 million individuals are in acute need. Shelter and NFI needs are concentrated mainly in 14 districts and have not significantly changed compared to previous years.

Inadequate shelter is preventing people from becoming self-reliant and is affecting NFI expenditures. Months of movement restrictions and lockdowns have deepened the socioeconomic vulnerability of the displaced population with heavy consequences on rent affordability and resulting in some premature returns to damaged shelters.
Despite continuous international support, durable shelter solutions for both those in displacement and in areas of return are slow due to the scale of housing destruction and the long implementation timeframe needed. 

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Coordination Team
Michele Ghelli
National Cluster Coordinator
+964 (0) 771 994 1917
Aziz Abultimman
Sub-National Shelter & NFI Cluster Coordinator (North) | Technical &Liaison Officer (National)
+964 (0) 750 868 6038
Omar Mhaidi
Sub-National Shelter & NFI Cluster Coordinator (Centre & South)
+964 (0) 771 048 6262
Mohamed Ahmed
Associate Information Management Officer
+964 7706701192