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New GSC Rental Market Intervention Guidance is here!

JWeatherall · Mon, 12/07/2020 - 08:04

The Global Shelter Cluster is pleased to announce the publication of the Global Shelter Cluster’s Rental Market Interventions documents, which were developed by CashCap, with support from NRC, CRS, UNHCR and other members of the Global Shelter Cluster Cash Working Group. The guidance comprises:

  1. A review of best practice in humanitarian rental market interventions;
  2. A collection of five tip sheets to support the planning and implementation of rental market interventions; and, 
  3. A resource library which brings together existing tools, templates, reports and other documents which are relevant to rental market interventions. 

The documents and resource library are available at the Rental Markets webpage of the Global Shelter Cluster Website. You can access the documents HERE

There's also a launch of this guidance planned on 15th December at 2pm Geneva time/CET (UTC+1/GMT+1). We will be looking at what’s in the document, sharing some key takeaways and looking together at what comes next. If you’d like to join us, please register your participation HEREYou can access the event HERE. (You can give us feedback on the event here).

What do you think of the learning report and tipsheets? How are you using these? Is there anything that practitioners need that is missing? Please share your thoughts in the discussion!

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