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The Shelter and Cash Working Group was started in 2015 to work on the preparation of the GSC position paper and to conduct the shelter/cash literature review. Since then – and with support from the GSC ECHO grant in 2017/18 – the CWG has worked on a number of priority areas under the banner of the ‘cash champions’ initiatives. These activities include;

  • Development of guidance
  • Development of capacity
  • Provision of technical and surge support
  • Coordination and representation in policy level discussions


Ongoing intiativies and focal points can be found by clicking this link. 


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The working group is chaired by Habitat for Humanity with participating agencies including IFRC, UNHCR, IOM, NRC, CRS, Save the Children, CARE, ShelterBox, ICRC and the IFRC -SRU


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Coordination Team
Jake Zarins
Working Group Chair
Habitat for Humanity