Shelter Cash and Markets Community of Practice


The 4th meeting of the COP was held on 05/04/2022 and had a thematic focus of Market Based Programming (MBP) and shelter.

Call highlights included a presentation from our Markets in Crisis (MiC) colleague Chris Paci (REACH), who gave an overview of Market Based Programming frameworks, including using markets, supporting markets and market systems change. He also presented the outline of the short guidance note targeting shelter practitioners and market practitioners, that is currently being developed by the MiC and the GSC Shelter, Cash and Markets CoP. A group brainstorm was then held on Jamboard to understand some of the critical markets that are most relevant for shelter and settlement programming, which will help inform the guidance note. A draft of the guidance note will be shared with CoP colleagues by the end of April/ early May for feedback and comment.

There was also sharing of updates on shelter related CVA activities currently being undertaken in Ukraine, with CRS presenting updates on their programming in Moldova and Hungary. We hope that this conversation will continue on the Shelter, Cash and Markets discussion board on the GSC website. Full meeting notes and presentations can be found below and the call recording can be watched here

Action Point

By Whom

By When

CoP members to continue to add inputs to the JamBoard or any suggestions on the MBP and shelter guidance note to Jenny and Leeanne 

All CoP members

15th April

CoP facilitators to share draft MBP and shelter guidance document with CoP for feedback and inputs


Early May (tentative)

CoP members to continue discussion on Ukraine related CVA activities via the GSC Shelter, Cash and Markets CoP page

All CoP Members


CoP members to contact Jenny and Leeanne if you are interested in sharing on future CoP Calls on any topic related to shelter, cash, markets. The next meeting will be planned to coincide with the GSC annual meeting.

All CoP members