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Non-Food Items

Emergency Shelter and NFIs

As outlined in the HRP, the SC provides emergency assistance to newly displaced people affected by natural and human-caused disasters (i.e. flood, fire, drought, conflict and evictions). It distributes a minimum NFI kit and an Emergency Shelter Kit (if necessary) for those in need through pre-positioned stocks held across Somalia. The Shelter Cluster also ensures that adequate mechanisms are put in place for timely delivery of emergency assistance. While pre-positioned emergency stocks of NFI kits and Emergency Shelter Kits remains the most common distribution modality employed by partners, the SC advocates for the use of cash and voucher-based programming wherever the conditions are conducive. 


NFI Score

The NFI scoring aims to provide a standard methodology for assessing NFI vulnerability among IDP households.  It is based on a set of questions designed to assess a household’s access to six different types of NFIs. The numerical responses, along with baseline data on the size of the household, are then used to calculate the household’s NFI vulnerability. The system includes a weighting factor per item due to their importance in a given emergency context. The scoring system is experimental, and is not a global standard.


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