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Owner Driven Approaches

In the Somalia context, contractor-driven approaches have been the preferred labour assistance method due to difficult access, clan-based tensions, political support, availability of skilled labour and existing capacity. Since the beginning of 2011 in Somalia, there has been a step-by-step approach to increase the inclusion of the beneficiaries in all parts of the process, from the project set-up until the construction itself and the handover.

In an owner driven approach, the prioritization of needs and the decision-making are in the hands of the affected families, giving them ownership of their project. Owner driven does not imply that the affected family should provide construction labour, but it requires that they manage the reconstruction with technical assistance. Owner driven projects are defined by three fundamental requirements: (1) participatory process of decision-making, (2) adequate technical support, and (3) adequate financial assistance.

How the beneficiaries or communities participate, the extent of the technical support provided and the amount and distribution mechanism of the financial assistance should be determined based on detailed field assessments including assessments of the capacity of families and communities to manage the process.


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