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About the SSC

The SSC was launched in response to a recognized need to improve and standardize the way in which the severity of shelter needs is measured across shelter responses, to improve evidence-based decision-making, and, in turn, advocacy and funding for the sector. It follows other initiatives in the humanitarian sector such
as the IPC, WSC and JIAF. As such, the SSC standardizes the approach to measuring the severity of shelter needs, for a comprehensive understanding of the shelter situation in a particular humanitarian context.

The SSC development was launched in April 2021, as an initiative of the GSC Vulnerability Working Group, co-lead by the GSC and REACH. The first version of the SSC was finalized in September 2022, following thorough testing through dry-runs and one pilot in North-West Syria in June 2022.

Overview of the SSC Methodology

The objectives of the SSC methodology are to, for each administrative unit relevant to the context in which the SSC is being implemented:

Objective 1: Determine the level of severity of shelter needs and People in Need (PiN)

Objective 2: Undertake an analysis of the context

Objective 3: Identify possible contributors of shelter severity and PiN, and in turn, possible impacts of unmet shelter needs

The main output is a comprehensive SSC analysis summarized in Shelter Needs Overview products to inform strategic decision-making. These include inter-agency processes such as the JIAF, HNO and HRP. Concretely, the content of the Shelter Needs Overview includes:

  • PiN figures by administrative unit relevant to the context in which the SSC is being implemented
  • Severity estimation by administrative unit
  • Situation / context analysis
  • Evidence list for all relevant sources of data (quantitative, qualitative) and how they inform the SSC analysis

Ressources & Tools

The SSC implementation guidelines outline the background, methodology, key features, and step-by-step process through which the SSC should be implemented.

They link to the calculation tool, which facilitates parts of the SSC of the analysis, including PiN and severity calculations. Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the different parts of the calculation method are included in the tool itself. The calculation tool should be used as a comprehensive template to be updated accordingly, depending on context-specific requirements.

Finally, the indicator bank can be referred to for examples of other indicators that can be used for the SSC analysis, in addition to the core, standard ones which are part of the calculation model. 

Launch SSC Webinar 09 May 2023

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