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Typhoon Rai Odette 2021


IM - 4W reporting

Information Management - 4W reporting

4W reporting (or "Who", "What", "Where", "When") is an important responsibility for operational actors and is an essential analysis in order to coordinate an effective humanitarian response.  Reporting and sharing of an agencies activities allows other actors to understand the amount and type of response that is occuring in the afftected area and allows a basic undersatnding on what locations may be gaps that need to be filled or locations that may have duplicated efforts. The 4W template is formatted to attempt to make this reporting as simple as possible while making the data easy to process, analyse and present.

At the moment, it is requested that operational agencies submit their completed updated template back to the Shelter Cluster Information Manager ( on a weekly basis with a deadline of:

Adhering to this deadline will allow the cluster information management support to process the data so it can be combined with those of other agencies and weekly reporting to all the cluster stakeholders initiated.

For more information on how to populate this form, please view the video linked below.

Instructional Video on populating the 3W reporting template