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2023-12 Factsheet - Ukraine

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December 2023


In December 2023, the Shelter Cluster continued its vital role in providing emergency shelter assistance to conflict-affected individuals, particularly those near active conflict lines. A total of 5,835 Emergency Shelter Kits (ESKs) were distributed, offering immediate protection and support. This critical response was accompanied by the extensive distribution of Non-Food Item (NFI) kits, including 194,029 standard NFIs and 12,581 non-standard items, ensuring comprehensive coverage of basic needs for the affected populations.

The Cluster achieved significant strides in shelter repairs, with support extended to 38,360 households for light and medium repairs, directly benefiting 1,468 individuals. Additionally, the host family support programs played a crucial role, reaching an impressive 979,763 individuals. Rental support initiatives also made a notable impact, aiding 1,658 individuals in securing stable living conditions.


A key focus for the month was winterization assistance, providing crucial support to 25,820 individuals with energy needs. This effort was further enhanced by the distribution of 2,086 winter appliances and 5,961 winter clothing items, ensuring that the affected communities were better equipped to cope with the harsh winter conditions. Through meetings with partners, local authorities, and the ministry, the Cluster achieved a clear picture of the winterization response, successfully minimizing duplication and identifying potential gaps in assistance.


The Cluster organized a series of capacity-building sessions in Dnipro for Eastern hub partners. Over 50 representatives from local authorities, partner organizations, and coordination bodies participated, gaining a deeper understanding of the Shelter Cluster structure and the broader humanitarian architecture. This initiative was crucial in strengthening the collaborative efforts and improving the overall response effectiveness.

The technical working group initiated a revision of the ESK content to better align with the current needs on the ground. This revised kit, proposed for adoption by partners, signifies the Cluster’s commitment to continually adapt and respond to evolving needs.

In response to a series of significant airstrikes, the Shelter Cluster provided emergency assistance across all four hubs. Special attention was given to coordination and rapid emergency response, especially crucial due to the extremely cold weather conditions. This response underscored the Cluster's adaptability and readiness to address emergent challenges while maintaining ongoing assistance programs.

The Shelter Cluster played a role in the UHF 2024 first standard allocation and engaged in inter-cluster dialogue for a multi-sectoral approach to UHF. Additionally, it participated in ICCG and HCT, delivering a winterization presentation.