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The North hub covers the Cherkaska, Chernihivska, Kirovohradska, Kyivska, Poltavska, Sumska, and Zhytomyrska oblasts. The total affected population in the North, which includes the geographical north and central parts of Ukraine, is around 8.1 million. Within this geographical area, there are three main contexts under the coordination of the response:

  • Areas that were deoccupied in 2022, primarily in the Chernihiv, Kyiv, and Sumy regions.
  • Borderline areas, including four hromadas in Chernihiv and 17 hromadas in Sumy oblast, which are regularly affected by shelling.
  • Areas with high concentrations of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

To ensure proper coordination, North Hub partners are expected to submit the following information regularly:

North Hub 2024 Response

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Coordination Team
Anastasiia Chornii
Northern Hub SNFI Cluster Coordinator
+38 050 830 43 78