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2020-11 Factsheet

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© CvT, September 2020: Longer-term shelter solution and repair.


  • Approvals for shelter projects and lift of the Covid-19 lockdown led to an increase in repair of damaged houses and public buildings/infrastructure across Syria. Over the summer, NFI partners in NES and NWS expanded their support by providing assistance to help the most vulnerable stay cool during hot weather..



Need analysis

  • Shelter: Needs for shelter continue to remain significant with an estimate 5.65M people across the country in need.
  • Winterization: It is estimated that 3.1M people are in need of winter assistance across Syria. Acute needs are identified with individuals residing in camps, collective shelters, informal settlements and areas of high altitude and snowfall.


  • Achievements: By end of Q3, NFI partners have been able to reach 51% of their target with 2.2M people assisted and shelter partners have reached 60% of their target with 1.5M people assisted.
  • COVID-19: Partners across Syria continued to implement COVID-19 specific precautionary measures including adjusting distributions, distributing hygiene items together with NFI items, repairing hygiene facilities in collective shelters and supporting construction of isolation facilities in camps.

Gaps / challenges

  • Limited operational partners: Despite the growing needs for shelter and NFI assistance, there are a limited number of partners operating in some parts of Syria, limiting the scale of response. In some areas security still poses a challenge, while the deteriorating economic situation and COVID have exacerbated the humanitarian situation.
  • Longer-term shelter solutions and repairs: The response in regards has been so far limited, due to operational challenges faced and weak funding. However, shelter partners remain committed to strengthening the resilience and cohesion of vulnerable communities by improving access to housing and related community infrastructure.