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2021-02 Factsheet

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  • SNFI partners continue to provide life-saving assistance by responding to the winter needs of the most vulnerable, providing essential winter items such as blankets, winter jackets and fuel.



Need analysis


  • The latest MSNA data analysis highlights a further worsening of living conditions for the most vulnerable in Syria. There is an increase in the number of People in Need of Shelter and NFI. An estimated 5.8M people require shelter assistance and 4.7M people require NFI support.


  • Winterization: It is estimated that 3.1M people are in need of winter assistance across Syria. Acute needs are identified with individuals residing in camps, collective shelters, informal settlements and areas of high altitude and snowfall.


  • Achievements: By the end of Q4, NFI partners have been able to reach 72 per cent of their target with 3.1M people assisted and shelter partners have reached 82 per cent of their target with 2.1M people assisted, while taking into account COVID-19 precautionary measures.


  • Winterization: SNFI Partners have provided winter assistance to 2.6M individuals, reaching 84 per cent of those in need based on partner’s capacity to respond.

Gaps / challenges

  • Lengthy Project Approvals: Due to the time needed to obtain approvals, several shelter projects have pushed implementation to 2021. These include shelter kits and enhancements to collective shelters.


  • Funding Gaps: Limited funding in response to the significant needs for Shelter and NFI continues to limit the partner’s ability to respond.


  • COVID-19: Restrictions imposed to slow down the spread of the virus such as lockdown have notably affected the delivery of assistance in NES, especially during November. However, distributions were able to pick up during December.