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2021-09 Factsheet

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  • SNFI partners continue to provide life-saving assistance by responding to the needs of the most vulnerable.



Need analysis

  • Dar’a Al Balad: The shelter sector has launched a rapid damage assessment to determine damage levels and associated resource requirements following the de-escalation of the conflict.
  • Winterization: SNFI sectors have estimated 4.5M people to be in need of urgent winter assistance in Syria. This number represents an increase of 12 per cent from 2020.





  • Achievements: By the end of Q3, NFI partners have been able to reach 90 per cent of their target with 2.64M people assisted and shelter partners have reached 39 per cent of their target with 1.06M people assisted, while taking into account COVID-19 precautionary measures
  • Winterization planning: SNFI partners have produced their winter assistance plans, targeting the most vulnerable communities around Syria with a set target of 3.6 M individuals.



Gaps / challenges

  • Financial/economic: Funding limitations, fluctuating prices and the regional economic uncertainty continued to pose challenges to partners.
  • Lengthy approval process continues to pose challenges for partners implementing shelter projects.
  • COVID-19 related restrictions and emerging need continue to pose additional constraints on project implementation including higher prices for operations and more severity of need.