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2021-12 Factsheet

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  • SNFI partners continue to provide life-saving assistance by responding to the needs of the most vulnerable.



Need analysis

  • Multi-Sector Needs Assessment (MSNA 2021): According to the MSNA 2021, people in need (PiN) of shelter support increased slightly to 5.92 million (from 5.88 million in the previous year). Similarly, PiN of NFI support also increased to 4.91 million compared to the previous year need of 4.69 million. The increased needs among people across Syria mostly stems from the continuously deteriorating economic situation in the country. Across all governorates households reportedly spend more than they earn.
  • Winterization: Corresponding to the above findings, the people in need (PiN) of winter assistance has increased to 4.5 million from 3.9 million in the previous season, which constitutes an increase of 14%.





  • Achievements: By the end of Q4, shelter partners have been able to reach 81% i.e., 2.17 million people of the target population and NFI partners have been able to reach 127% (NFI reach includes non-unique values) of the target population.
  • Winterization: SNFI partners have reached 1.58 million people of the targeted 3.61 million people, resulting in a reach of 44% till the end of Q4.


Gaps / challenges

  • Resource mobilization for winterization: USD182.02 million is the total funding needed to respond to 3.61 million with winter assistance, but at the end of Q4 of 2021 only 54% of the funding requirement was secured i.e., USD86.33 million.
  • Economic uncertainty coupled with volatility in currency continues to be a concern for PiN and partners alike.