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2022-03 Factsheet - Whole of Syria

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  • Winter emergency: SNFI partners responded to the critical needs of the people affected by severe snowstorms in January and February, by providing life-saving shelter and NFI assistance.
  • HRP 2022-23: The SNFI sector approved 79 projects with a combined funding request of USD534 million for the first year of the multi-year Syria HRP 2022-23.



Need analysis

  • Shelter PiN and target: Of the estimated 5.92 million people in need (PiN) of shelter assistance, 2.81 million are targeted in the HRP 2022, through a funding request of USD206 million.
  • NFI PiN and target: Of the estimated 4.91 million PiN of NFI assistance, 2.89 million and 4.04 million people are targeted with core and seasonal NFI respectively in the HRP 2022, through a funding request of USD329 million.


  • Funding: By the end of Q1, partners were able to secure USD24 million and USD77 million for their shelter and NFI response respectively.
  • Achievements: By the end of Q1, shelter and core NFI partners have been able to reach 0.31 million and 0.83 million people respectively.
  • Winter response 2021-22: SNFI partners have reached 2.96 million people of the targeted 3.65 million people, resulting in a reach of 80% during the winter response of 2021-22.

Gaps / challenges

  • Economic uncertainty: Deteriorating economic situation, fluctuation in commodity prices and severe shortage in power supply is limiting the sector partners’ ability to effectively structure the response planning.