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2022-06 Factsheet - Whole of Syria

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  • Winter PDM: Results from the winter PDM for the 2021-22 response were published and few key findings were – increase in intensity in winter conditions, access constraint and price fluctuation of items.
  • ISG coordination retreat: A two-day ISG coordination retreat was held in May, where constructive discussions were held on ways to further improve WoS coordination mechanism along with formulation on ISG workplan for 2022.



Need analysis

  • Shelter PiN and target: Of the estimated 5.92 million people in need (PiN) of shelter assistance, 2.81 million are targeted in the HRP 2022, through a funding request of USD206 million.
  • NFI PiN and target: Of the estimated 4.91 million PiN of NFI assistance, 2.89 million and 4.04 million people are targeted with core and seasonal NFI respectively in the HRP 2022, through a funding request of USD329 million.


  • Funding: By the end of Q1, partners were able to secure USD24 million and USD77 million for their shelter and NFI response respectively.
  • Achievements: By the end of Q1, shelter and core NFI partners have been able to reach 0.31 million and 0.83 million people respectively.
  • Winter response 2021-22: SNFI partners have reached 2.96 million people of the targeted 3.65 million people, resulting in a reach of 80% during the winter response of 2021-22.

Gaps / challenges

  • Economic uncertainty: Deteriorating economic situation, fluctuation in commodity prices and severe shortage in power supply is limiting the sector partners’ ability to effectively structure the response planning.